The power of branding with our products

Signage is more than writing above a shop. It is one of the most effective forms of promotion.

We understand the potential of signage to transform a brand into a meaningful and stand-out commitment to everyone who views it.

Bentleigh Group Australia Large Format Digital Printing Dan Murphys

Large format digital printing 

Digitally printed graphics printed to self-adhesive vinyl or direct to ridged substrates. Large format printing can be used for banners, posters, wallpapers, murals, billboards and more.

Bentleigh Group Australia Wayfinding signs MCEC

Directional - Wayfinding signage 

Wayfinding signs are an effective way to help visitors navigate around a new or unfamiliar location. Various colours, finishes or digital solutions can be incorporated to help achieve this.  As well as manufacture, we can consult with you in the design and placement of signage to make your wayfinding as effective as possible.

Bentleigh Group Australia Sky Signs Toll

Sky signs

Sky Signs are a great way for your brand to make a statement from a distance.  In most cases these signs are illuminated and sit at the top of your building for maximum exposure.

A Sky sign will help make your brand the most iconic in the skyline.

Bentleigh Group Australia Pylon signs Kia


Pylons are generally the first visual of any company. Pylon signs are often positioned on a company's leaseline with the brand presented at the top of the structure. The height of the pylon determines the distance from which it can be seen.  Pylons can be illuminated and allow for key messaging

Bentleigh Group Australia Led Digital signage hotel signage

Led digital signage boards 

Digital screens that can be incorporated as part of a larger sign like a pylon or used on their own as a billboard to display images or video.

Bentleigh Group Australia Large scale 3D letter and logo signage Benled  Lexus automotive

Large scale 3D letters and logos

Three dimensional individual lettering fabricated to any size or font from various materials including acrylic and aluminium. 3D letters and logos can be further enhanced by illuminating the face, sides or adding a halo light using LEDs or neon. Learn more about our Benled solution.

Bentleigh Group Australia high run signage Woolworths signs

Plastic forming and moulding 

Suited to large runs, we are able to form your logo in a 3D format. With high runs, we can provide an efficient cost, delivery time and consistent product to your business.

Bentleigh Group Australia Traditional sign writing Natures Dairy

Traditional signwriting 

Bentleigh Group’s origins stem from freshly painted brands on a company's wall. The art of signwriting, although rare, still exists today and is a very proud part of our family heritage. Tom Wells, followed by his son, Greg were both qualified signwriters.


Specialised products

Bentleigh Group Australia Benled  LED signs  neon lighting signs illuminated letters  illuminated signage backlit
Screen Shot 2018-02-26 at 2.02.53 pm.png

LED and neon lighting are flagship products for us. They represent an opportunity for clients to create maximum day and night exposure through high-profile signage that is robust and easy to maintain. 

We’ve invested over 20 years to LED and neon research and development. Our knowledge of the technology and its best applications has enabled us to improve the performance and serviceability of our products and lead the way in low consumption LED lighting and LED moving picture messages.

Bentleigh Group Australia Benclad   aluminium composite (ACM) cladding signs
Screen Shot 2018-02-26 at 2.01.18 pm.png

Our own custom coloured aluminium composite (ACM) cladding solution provides our our clients with solutions they require. It is a quality product that holds its colour and condition for the duration of its lifespan, making it both cost effective and provides a consistent rollout colour.

Our Benclad is a 4mm think 0.5mm skin ACM with a 2K paint finish. We have the ability to provide a PE or Fire Rated (CSIRO approved) core depending on the application and standards required.


We are one of the largest, most sophisticated and reputable signage manufacturing operations in Australia.


Our approach to delivering the best outcome is evident through the comprehensive and fastidious quality assurance of our work. Our capabilities are based around some traditional signage methodology as well as the latest methods.

Every product is designed and built locally.

We are committed to advances in product development with a focus on environmental sustainability through using eco-friendly production materials, along with the responsible disposal of our recyclable materials, hazardous waste and introducing energy efficient manufacturing equipment.


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