The Bentleigh Group Story

Our team are highly trained with the latest industry knowledge and technological advancements, positioning Bentleigh Group as advanced solution industry leaders. From the day we opened our doors in 1956, we had the one goal: to provide outstanding service. To achieve this, above all else, is what we’re still focused on today.

Bentleigh Group started with the want to ‘Build things better’ and develop the company into a smart turnkey operation for corporate branding and maintenance. Now spanning three generations, we are an Australian-wide operation, with the capacity to deliver large state-of-the-art projects.

Our people, caring for our environment and safety, caring for our environment have always, and continue to remain the pillars of business.

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This is who we are

To us and our clients, we think what we do matters. Signage goes far beyond design, construction, or the materials it is built with. It is a brand’s promise. It promises the future, an expectation and a connection. It is the foundation of a brand’s identity and what that means to their customers. We realize the importance of such vision and we exist to respect that promise.

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Our team

As a business built through three generations, our people and passion are the heart of our business and the reason for everything we do. We are engaged, courageous, supportive and relationship focused. Each and every one of us has a voice and the value this contributes to the business and onto our customers is paramount to our long-standing, award winning success.

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Where are we?

With major offices and build facilities in Melbourne, Sydney and the Gold Coast, Bentleigh Group service all regions of Australia including South Australia, Tasmania, Northern Territory and Western Australia. We also supply and install internationally to NZ and islands of the South Pacific. Our factories and sites are all quality assured and OH&S compliant.